mason mimi yadira

writer / artist / community organizer


updates will include new or unpublished poetry, music and book recommendations, digital art, fiction and non-fiction excerpts (and possibly short stories!), updates on new art projects, and generally content as i decide to make it.

  • INCITE: Queer Writers Read, September 8th, 2021
    Wednesday, September 8th at 7pm PST, I will be reading for a virtual reading event! I will be reading from my chapbook, Comes in Threes along with three additional poems – two of which are unpublished. Incite: Queer Writers Read is a curated, bimonthly reading series for Queer writers. Incite’s hope is to create conversation, connection, […]
  • ‘Comes in Threes’ Chapbook Available for Sale!
    Comes in Threes is a self-published poetry and art chapbook i created and published March 9th, 2021. i first created a zine that contained eleven poems and a few digital art pieces in March of 2017 by the same name. the 2021 chapbook version contains poems that were in the zine version and have been […]
  • postcard prints!
    only four days now until the official release of my chapbook Comes in Threes! I’m so excited for people to see it, i managed to get an ISBN and everything! i’ve been working this week on making three of the artworks in Comes in Threes into postcard-sized prints. i’m still fine-tuning them, but anyone who […]

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Previous Works


Comes in Threes, a self-published chapbook of poetry and digital art. Physical and digital copies available for purchase in March, 2021.

Links to individual writing pieces that have been published by online mags or in poetry collections.

Excerpts from previous poetry/art zines.


Prints from the Comes in Threes chapbook available for sale.

“Consumed” – a video project consisting of four original poems and original footage to create a poetic and visual experience.

“Hell on Earth” – a multi-media, 5 piece art collection, shown at Erickson Gallery in 2019.