mason mimi is a queer, agender, mixed heritage person in pdx writing, making art, and organizing towards a better world.

mason mimi has primarily written poetry and is recently working on multiple fiction and creative non-fiction projects. having worked in mediums such as photography, found materials + paint on canvas, collage, videography, and more, they are a multi-media visual artist.

they are an abolitionist community organizer with critical resistance, and have previously organized with the psu student union (and worked on the #disarmpsu campaign through most of its existence), the growing seeds workers union (one of the first early childhood labor unions! unionized in early 2020), and care not cops pdx.

they have organized events big and small, including many rallies and marches with orgs they’ve worked with, open mic nights, and art and performance-based fundraisers. they have hosted poetry workshops, workshops focused on student organizing and critical resistance workshops such as intro to the prison industrial complex, intro to abolition, and the abolition of policing. they have participated in local writers groups and been a part of small-scale performances as an actor and via sharing their poems.

in june of 2019, they graduated from portland state university with a bachelor of fine arts in creative writing and a minor in child, youth, and family studies, with years of experience in early childhood education as well.

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